Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hijab Fashion

White.. A Must Have!

White is recommended during the wintery season...With the snow and all, It's a must. I mean it just wouldn't look right, well to me atleast..

So I say...
A long sleeve turtle neck shirt, to keep you a bit warm.

A half sleeve top, and a black hijab.A white mermaid skirt hitting below the waist and white pumps, followed with a white tote, sheer pink gloss and sunglasses...

A hot look, for less.

The clothes don't have to be designer..
For God's sake.. You don't have to wear expensive clothing to fit in.. I mean here, that's how it is. I don't now what it's like anywhere else. But anyways, You can still look hot, for an affordable price.

~*~Zay Fashions~*~


  1. Salaam Zainab, welcome to the world of hijabi fashion! I just posted a monochrom set incidentally :D

    So you say you're interested in becoming a designer? Would be great if you could post some of your sketches here!



  2. Oh a girl after my own heart....

    Love that set, Mashallah I love it that you have ambition:)

    Welcome to the blogsphere sis.

  3. Thanks 7abibat!
    Wallah, Inshallah one day I'll post up my sketches!
    I really appreciate how you commented.
    It really meant alot.

    Thanks for welcomming me!